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幸运时时彩可靠不_Public opinion invited for draft law on cultural industries promotion

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Chin幸运时时彩可靠不a's Ministry of C幸运时时彩可靠不ulture and Tourism (MCT) has 幸运时时彩可靠不begun soliciting public opinions on a draft law on the promotion of cultural industries.

The legislation move aims to boost healthy and sustainable development of cultural sectors and meet intellectual and cultural needs arising from people's aspirations for a better life, according to a notice by the ministry, which organized the drafting work.

China will include the promotion of cultural industries development in the country's national economic and social development plan, formulate related plans, release the catalog for the guidance of cultural industries development and facilitate structural adjustment and balanced development of cultural industries, according to the draft.

The country will encourage and support the creation of outstanding works in a number of areas, including those that pass down fine traditional Chinese culture, are good for the health and growth of minors, promote science education as well as science and technology popularization and facilitate exchanges and mutual learning between the Chinese civilization and other civilizations in the world, the draft says.

Any suggestion on modifying the nine-chapter draft, which has been published on the MCT official website, can be delivered to the ministry until July 28, 2019.